Welcome to StatiSense

StatiSense is a data consulting firm with expertise in providing data services such as Analytics, Research, Reporting, Measurement & Evaluation and Training to individuals, private organizations and non-governmental organizations. We are a trusted analytics company with a brilliant team of analysts. We seek to inspire through knowledge that empower our clients to create actionable strategies that drive positive results.

At StatiSense, we deploy statistical methodologies to collect, process, analyze and report data in a simple and understandable manner.

We consult for businesses to better understand their customers, refine their business process and provide tailored services to their growing base. For non-governmental organizations, we consult on evidence-based advocacy that helps reach their target audience and the evaluation of their interventions as well as provide justifications for their activities. As a socially responsible platform, we analyze national data and help citizens have a better understanding of Governance, the Economy, and provides facts that empower citizens to hold socioeconomic conversations and engage government in evaluating their programmes and interventions.

At StatiSense, we make sense of numbers.
We are a team of trained and experienced data professionals.

Int’l Indices
A collection of international indices on the Economy, Education, Rule of Law, Peace, Justice, Human Capital, Ease of Doing Business, Budget, Intellectual Property, Technology, Risk, Corruption, Governance, etc. analyzing Nigeria’s performance relative to the World and other global categorization of nations such as MINT, BRICS, Geography, etc.


A collection of national and sub-national statistics on the Economy, Budget, Crime, Corruption, Education, Health, Inflation, Food prices, Transportation, Debt, Telecoms, Foreign Direct Investment, Value Added Tax, Foreign Reserves, Federal Allocation, Electronic Payments, Banking, Nigerian Stock Exchange, etc.


Who We Are

StatiSense is a data consulting firm with expertise in Analytics, Research, Reporting, and Training.

To be the premier value-adding data analytics firm in West-Africa

Providing data services for better decision making.

Core Values
Integrity, Confidentiality, Objectivity, Reliability
  • Data Management/Analysis

  • Evidence-based advocacy

  • Infographics / Data Visualization

  • Incumbent / Challenger / Election Campaign

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Survey/Research & Data Publishing

  • Data Publishing

  • Training

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